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Mold China Standardization Overview
    Where the more developed industrial countries, attaches great importance to the standardization of work, because to give industry the quality, efficiency and effectiveness. Mold is a special forming tools, although personalized, but also industrial products, so the importance of standardization work. Mold Tooling standardization of technical standards include the formulation and implementation of mold standard parts of the production and application of relevant standards, as well as publicity and promotion, such as carrying out the work. China mold standardization late start, coupled with publicity and promotion efforts to implement small, so the standardization of mold behind the production, but also behind many of the world's industrialized countries. Die abroad in developed countries such as Japan, the United States, Germany, the standardization of mold have been nearly 100 years of history, mold standards, mold standard parts production and supply, has formed a perfect system. Standardization work in China die from a "National Tooling Standardization Technical Committee" set up in 1983 after it began. At present, China has about 20,000 die production, mold production has made significant progress, but compared with the industrial production requirements, yet are not suited, one of the most important reason is that the degree of standardization and the level of mold is not high.
      China mold standardization system, including standards for four broad categories, namely: the basis of the standard mold, mold process quality standards, mold components and mold production standards and related technical standards. Mold standards can be categorized mainly die stamping die standards, standards for plastic injection molds, die-casting mold standards, forging die standard fasteners standard cold heading dies, drawing die standards, the standard cold extrusion dies, rubber molds standard glass molds and automotive products such as die standard category Top Ten. At present, China has more than 50 standards were more than 300 mold No. Standard die components and automotive areas, and 14 kinds of general-purpose device 244 varieties, a total of 363 standards. These standards to develop and publicize, and implement and improve standardization of the Chinese level and the level of mold.

  With the increase of international exchanges, import mold the development of the work of domestic-funded enterprises, as well as its supporting mold of proposed international standards, on the one hand in the standard-setting aspects of attention as far as possible the adoption of international standards or foreign standards of advanced countries, including the adoption of advanced business standards; on the other hand, a number of mold standard parts production enterprises in accordance with market needs, in addition to China's standard production mold standard parts, but also by foreign advanced standards of corporate mold standard parts production. Such as Japan, "Fu Aventis," the United States "DME", Germany "Haas test" and the company's standards have been widely popular in China.
    Die & Mold Industry often referred to "the degree of standardization mold" concept is rather complicated, unlike commonly used in machinery industry, "the degree of standardization." The latter standard parts in general can be used to measure the rate of adoption, while the former often refers to "the use of standard parts mold coverage." Die as a result of the standardization of China started rather late, mold standard parts production, marketing, promotion and application of the work is relatively backward, therefore, mold standard parts less varieties of different specifications, the supplier is not timely, matching the long standing problem of poor, so that the use of mold standard parts coverage has been low. Although in recent years due to the intervention of foreign-funded enterprises, the ratio has been greatly improved, but overall is still very low. According to preliminary estimates, the current ratio of roughly 40-45 percent between. And the international community in general in more than 70%, of which small and medium-sized mold in more than 80%. Chinese enterprises as a result of mold in areas where the nature and different from standard parts using mold coverage vary. Funded enterprises than any other enterprise high, the south than the north, high enterprise. This is in Guangdong was the most obvious. Guangdong to focus a lot of three-capital enterprises, they led to other changes in business ideas and market development, and thus the mold of Guangdong enterprises to use standard parts mold coverage is much higher than in other regions of the mold business. Implement the mold standards, the use of mold standard parts, not only can effectively improve the quality of mold and mold can reduce production costs and significantly shorten the production cycle mold. Relevant statistics show that: the use of mold standard parts allows enterprises mold machining time savings of 25% -45%, mold production cycle can be shortened 30% -40%. With the variety of industrial products, small-volume, personalized, fast development of the production cycle, in order to enhance the market economy's rapid response capabilities and competitiveness, in the mold production cycle are increasingly important in today, the significance of standardized mold more significant.


China mold standard parts production and demand profiles
     Since China started late in the standardization of mold, slow progress, coupled with the past "Large and wide", "small and complete", "self-produced self-made" and so the impact of stereotypes, the Chinese mold standard parts has long been a variety specification less the small scale of production, circulation is not smooth. Even the current production of more moldbase, oriented pieces, putting up pipes, flexible components, but also more affordable products, the middle-grade products. Some foreign-invested enterprises producing high-grade mold standard parts, as the price is expensive and affect its application.
     Mold standard parts suitable for the socialization of large quantities of specialized production, but China has been a long time are casual, disorder and poor situation. The so-called "casual" are mainly the production of mold standard parts too many factories too scattered, rarely lead to an economic quantities. The so-called "chaos" are mainly arbitrary standards, enterprises are often in accordance with GB, the superscript and the Department over the past several superscript and subscript certain level of production, but also to day-to-day, Germany, the United States, Switzerland and other foreign standards and certain foreign countries with standard rate of corporate production. At the same time, mold standard parts market is chaotic, disorderly competition caused many adverse consequences. The so-called "poor", that is, die standard parts of poor quality and poor efficiency of enterprises. In recent years, with foreign intervention, this situation is improving, but we have not fundamentally changed. Production and needs, there are still a wide gap between. Some enterprises are not from the quality and level of efforts, but only make a fuss about the price, with the result that too much to keep the prices down after the result of shoddy work and inferior materials, weeding, lower quality, thus affecting many businesses, making mold standard parts overall decline in profit margins, some companies even to a loss of the edge.
     Marketing chain in the mold standard parts play an important role in the market. At present, although there were nearly home sales, but most small, little inventory, sales of small, even the Chinese Die & Mold Industry Association standard Joint Committee on mold standard parts sales nets more than 50 operating units, but also the same problems. Individual units planned for online sales and e-commerce, but the work started soon, it is necessary to scale 
     Is to use the coverage volume of the largest and most widely Die Large frame, injection mold frame and putting up three types of mold standard parts pipe products as an example, the situation of production and demand for a preliminary analysis.

Cold frame
     Die Large aircraft is the most extensive amount of mold standard parts, and its use around 80% coverage. Die by the mold base material plane divided into cast iron and steel moldbase moldbase two major categories; by oriented in different ways can be divided into sliding and rolling moldbase moldbase two broad categories. Plane Die national production and has a certain scale a total of more than 30 enterprises, of which more than annual production capacity of 100,000 sets, only three, including: Xiao Shan precision standard mold factory, Jiangsu Zhenjiang moldbase Chuanshan plant and Shaanxi Weihe Tool & Die Plant. 3 Die in this frame the total annual output of about 40 million units, accounting for about half the national total. Demand situation, every year about one million sets of Die aircraft, so there are many gaps. Gap in the steel mold and precision mold of the biggest contradictions in production and demand, which produced the largest proportion of self-made.

 Injection Mold
     Injection Mold Die aircraft production more casual, more manufacturers. Estimates of production plastic injection mold manufacturers more than a total of 40, most of which annual output is less than a thousand sets, there are million more than the capacity of less than 10 enterprises, of which Hutchison Group Liuzhou, Dongguan Mingli steel mold Products Co., Ltd, Desheng Shunde, Guangdong company and the new powerful tool belongs to the company's production scale of the first phalanx, each injection mold companies annual output value of more than billion, and some up to several hundred million dollars. Nakamura Xuzhou Heavy steel company, the Southern mold factory in Shenzhen, Shenzhen Longhua Hing Industrial Company, Liuzhou Machinery Mold Co., Ltd. Shenzhen, Zhongshan University moldbase Kunshan Co., Ltd., Zhejiang round moldbase Asia Co., Ltd., Sichuan jiangdong Machinery Factory, Liuzhou, Nantong Teng Machinery Co., Ltd., Kunshan Hongshun large moldbase Ltd. is the second square, plastic injection mold an annual production value of more than 1 million. These two companies a total of 10 square injection moldbase up annual production value of more than 20 billion yuan, accounting for more than 90% of total output. On a need basis, the current injection is about the country more than 30 billion moldbase.
     But the domestic market did not reach this size, which is mainly produced from the injection mold with a higher proportion and export more. Northern China and the vast majority of the central and western regions, due to a lower degree of specialization and the historical causes of a number of stereotypes has not yet fundamentally changed, so the required injection mold production mold is still the majority of self-produced and very few outsourcing . Therefore, the current injection mold market mainly concentrated in the Pearl River Delta, followed by the Yangtze River Delta region, including Guangdong, the most concentrated, followed by Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Shandong.
Die die as a result of user requirements of the production cycle becomes shorter and therefore the production of large and medium-sized injection mold business has begun to pre-dug deep cavity and playing, such as deep processing of the direction of development, now has achieved good results.


Putt putt tube
     Process complex and as a result of low prices, so putting up the professionalism of the production pipe in a large number of mold standard parts is the best made, the use of the coverage is almost 100%. Japanese disk from Industry (Dalian) Co., Ltd. is China's largest production putter tube pushed enterprises, product quality, which is very expensive, a large number of export. Canton strength mold standard parts company currently has annual production capacity of 30 million is funded enterprises in the largest production putter tube pushed more varieties of different specifications and grades of the enterprises, to meet the needs of different levels, and some products of export . Guangzhou Donghua putter mold factory, mold prosperous Zengcheng Industrial Co., Ltd., Anhui Leader Dies Standard, Tianjin Zhenhua Hedong District mold standard factory and Tianjin Gong Hua Die Standard Parts Co., Ltd. has an annual output of about 10,000,000 capacity. The above-mentioned seven production enterprises accounted for about 80% of the national total, putting up of market production and demand basically in balance. Manufacturers have taken note of improvements in technology, increase the variety, improve product quality and grade as well as the further development of the importance of specialized production, especially among the best of several enterprises, are trying to use advanced process technology to enhance their competitiveness.
     Die In addition to the above frame, injection mold frame and putting up tube, the elastic element the use of coverage is also high, almost 100%. However, one of the gas spring (such as nitrogen cylinder) are basically imported, domestic no standard, are among the trial. In addition, the template module-oriented pieces, the standard convexity modulus, such as gate 14 sets of mold standard parts there are also some domestic production, but fewer varieties of different specifications, the use of low coverage, the more self-occupied. There is no standard domestic hot runner components, only the production and supply of individual enterprises or self-occupied. At present, the basic components of high-end hot runner are imported from abroad, own their own properties are lower and less stable product, not too high for the request dies. There are many foreign mold standard parts can be purchase from the market, while domestic production is no professional, so in the development of varieties of specifications, a bright future.
     China Die & Mold Industry Development Plan: Mold standard parts to expand the varieties, improve accuracy, to swap. The main varieties, such as mold, oriented pieces, putt, flexible components, to achieve economies of scale by mass production. In 2005 the use of mold standard parts coverage to 60% in 2010 over 70% (of which 60% of large-scale mold to achieve the standardization of parts), basically meet the market needs, moldbase, oriented pieces, putt, putt tubes, elastic element, the standard components, small standard parts (such as standard convexity mold, gate kits, targeting circle, etc.) and focus on the development of hot runner components. Visible mold and mold standard parts standardization aspects of arduous tasks and bright future. China Die & Mold Industry Association standard mold made by the Committee of Standardization Work guiding ideology is: Standardization is the foundation.