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Metal stamping die CAD / CAM technology applications


In recent years, the level of stamping die has increased considerably. Large stamping die is capable of producing a single set of weight of more than 50 tons of mold. For mid-range cars matching the coverage of domestic mold can be produced. Accuracy of 1 ~ 2μm, life expectancy of about two hundred million times the multi-position progressive die, there are many domestic enterprises to produce. Surface roughness Ra ≦ 1.5μm reach the essence of the die, large-size (Φ ≧ 300mm) precision dies and precision die plate has reached domestic fairly high level.

     Die CAD / CAM technology status

     China Die CAD / CAM technology for over 20 years of history. Institute of Technology and Wuhan in central China by the original 733 plants in 1984 to complete the essence of the common die CAD / CAM system is a self-developed China's first mold CAD / CAM system. From Huazhong Institute of Technology and Beijing mold factory in 1986 equivalent to the completion of Die common CAD / CAM system is a self-developed China's first Die CAD / CAM system. Shanghai Jiaotong University to develop the Die CAD / CAM systems are also in the same year to complete. 20th century since the 90's, the domestic automotive industry in the mold design and manufacturing began to use CAD / CAM technology. 863 State Science and Technology Commission plans to Dongfeng Motor Corporation as the CIMS application demonstration plant, from Huazhong University of Science and Technology as a technical support unit for the development of auto-body panel die with CAD / CAPP / CAM integrated system in early 1996 through the identification. During this period, the FAW and Mold Center CAC Motors introduced workstation and CAD / CAM software system, and in the mold design and manufacture of the practical application of, and achieved significant benefits. FAW in 1997 introduced the sheet metal forming process simulation and CAE software used in the production started.

     The 21st century CAD / CAM technology increasingly popular, now has a certain capacity of stamping die enterprises have a CAD / CAM technology. Part of the backbone of key enterprises also have the ability to CAE.

     Die CAD / CAM technology can significantly reduce the mold design and manufacture of cycles, lower production costs, improve product quality, has become a consensus. In the "85", "Ninth Five-Year Plan" period, there are a large number of enterprises to promote mold popularized computer graphics technology, CNC machining of the utilization rate is getting higher and higher, and one after another the introduction of a considerable number of CAD / CAM system. EDS such as the United States of UG, U.S. ParametricTechnology company's Pro / Engineer, U.S. CV's CADS5, United Kingdom Delcam's DOCT5, Japan HZS company CRADE and space-E, Israeli companies Cimatron, also the introduction of AutoCAD, CATIA, such as software and France Marta-Daravision company and coverage for automotive mold of Euclid-IS and other special software. Domestic automotive panel die manufacturers commonly used the CAD / CAM technology. DL graph structure design and mold design has been the realization of two-dimensional CAD, the majority of enterprises have already to the three-dimensional transition, with a total plan to gradually replace the production of parts drawing production. Parameters and mold design also began to move toward a small number of mold manufacturers in the field of technology development.

     In stamping molding CAE software, in addition to the introduction of software, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Jilin University, Hunan University have developed a higher level of software with independent intellectual property rights and has been in production has been successfully applied in practice, have had a good benefits.

     Rapid Prototyping (RP) with the traditional combination of rapid economic mold, rapid manufacture of large-scale automotive panel die, to solve the original low-melting-point alloy mold * Sample casting mold, precision mold low, low precision parts, like pieces of the production of difficult issues such as to achieve a three-dimensional CAD model as a basis for rapid tooling mold manufacturing, and to ensure the accuracy of the parts for the automotive industry to develop new models, rapid prototype body panels provide a guarantee of production, it marked the RPM applies to large-scale auto-body panel die trial success had been achieved.

     Auto Body around the trial, large-scale coverage of the rapid mold manufacturing, have emerged in recent years, a number of new rapid prototyping method, for example, have already started the application in the production of multi-point forming and laser shock and electromagnetic forming techniques. They are shown to reduce costs, improve efficiency and so on.