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The overall operation of ERP system management software in the company manufacturing industry

   This system held a project started from June 24, 2015 the beginning of the meeting, has gone through the inventory validation and encoding rules specified, Invoicing module is enabled, trial production module, production module was officially opened, salary calculation and quality control switch enabled business process stage, to the beginning of the May 2016 comprehensive system has been running, took a total of 11 full term the ERP project is, the successful completion of the implementation of system project, this system into the regular maintenance and function expansion phase, expected in the near future, the company management through the control of the production and operation process of the system, in order to significantly enhance the management level through the company management platform to assist; also, thanks to those who made the hard work of colleagues in their respective positions for the implementation of this system, everyone! We are sharing the results at the same time, we should also face some problems existing at present, successful implementation of the project does not mean the end of the project, on the contrary, the routine maintenance is very important, it is directly related to the long-term stable system can use it, so we must keep a sober mind, pragmatic attitude and continuous improvement methods of work, the work of long-term maintenance down, move on!       
   (a) no universal software system, only the most suitable for their own system; in the process of project implementation, there are many colleagues proposed the system cannot achieve certain functions, we should also welcome, should clearly recognize that the system we are currently using a software product in the market operation, at least more than for 10 years, public oriented software determines that it can not be exhaustive, fully meet the actual situation of each enterprise, but a large number of customers accumulated evidence that the software has its outstanding place, so I want to remind you, hope in the future use, we can concentrate more on how to master the software operation skills and adapt to the actual production.      
   (b) the attitude determines everything, the details determine the success or failure, which simply refine the importance of the attitude and the details. In the process of project implementation, we encountered the impact and friction of old and new ideas, met some colleagues never understand it, do not understand the implicit exclusion to gradually adapt to, accept, coordination, integration, our project team is well aware that, due to my company personnel management system is weak, uneven, as a for new things, the process of its implementation is complicated. Some colleagues think that on the system, my workload significantly increased, I would like to make such an analysis to explain, not on the system before we did not quantify the dominant production process monitoring, but after the system, we need to work without these before finishing, skilled and monitoring, so you will feel that the task will be increased, this is a normal feeling, is a necessary stage in the development process of the enterprise, to the whole system and auxiliary system into the formal, you will obviously feel the convenience to work system. 
   (c) system is consistent with the actual production, eliminate the form of accounts; the implementation of the system for the production of the actual service, effective supervision tools for the production process, if in the long running process of the system, adhere to the account matching principle, the system will lose its proper role, supervision system is decision-making function it will be impossible to reflect. In order to run the system, we must be pract  
   (d) the improvement of the system is needed to process, perfect process is a common problem solving, seeking the perfect course, so when that issue, must put forward timely communication, timely consultation, to come up with a good solution, to avoid similar problems long continue, put an end to that wrong ideas held up none of my business.       
    (e) according to the rules, according to the work process; the implementation of the system is actually a process from control to the machine control, the human brain is the most complex, and most capricious, this property leads to the instructions issued by the human brain more susceptible to the influence of the individual, but the machine, the system has great advantages in the process of control is the process we are currently using a standard enterprise is in the use of the scientific process, so we should gradually adapt to the new process, according to the rules.         
    In the end, I still have to focus on hint, hope everyone in the process of using the system, to learn more, see through their actual operation effect than to get more training, we hope to maintain a modest and prudent attitude, students do first, then do the teacher, let ERP systems can really bring benefits for your work.

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