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2009 e-commerce is the only way for small and medium-sized

     The sudden outbreak of the domestic small and medium-sized financial tsunami felt cold. More pronounced in the fourth quarter, raw materials prices, rising labor costs, lower export tax rebates, a significant reduction in orders, SMEs have become exceptionally difficult to survive. Even more worrying is that companies, experts estimated that the financial crisis on the impact of China's enterprises would continue at least 2-3 years, next business day will be even more sad. SMEs in terms of brands, capital, and human resources are unable to compete on the smooth tide over their difficulties, how to tide over their difficulties? Become in the enterprise before the most pressing problems.

Internet Society of China to exchange and development director of the Center for胡延平: "Faced with the plight of small and medium enterprises should be to reduce costs, improve efficiency, through various channels to develop themselves, to do online trading through e-commerce is a very good way." Industry also generally optimistic about e-commerce, "the development of E-commerce will become the best choice for enterprises in 2009."

First, many businesses and individuals in order to reduce costs, will be the preferred network of procurement, so that customers will be heavily concentrated in the network, the corresponding production-oriented enterprise customers will also closely follow the pace, adding to the network to sales; On the other hand, not only through the network so that more opportunities for enterprises, also to a large extent a reduction of travel costs, personnel expenses, the financial crisis under the enterprises have played a role in open source, but also realized the effect of reducing expenditure. Therefore, the new one-year enterprise e-commerce application rate will be increased considerably.

For enterprises to establish their own e-commerce platform approach there are many, you can set up their own technical team to develop its own system platform; can also be outsourced to other software companies to develop, of course, can also make use of third-party e-commerce platform. In front of both the existence of the high cost of the development cycle the length of the question, SMEs can not be implemented, only the third-party e-commerce platform for cost-effective, stable and easy to maintain and add features, will be widely used.

In addition, many e-commerce service providers are doing everything possible in accordance with the needs of SMEs to design services, such as industry B2B site Yahoo, Alibaba, etc., from the industry建站site promotion, search engine or even to promote a set of network marketing services, at reasonable prices by the small and medium-sized universal admiration.

In the face of this financial crisis, only the government, e-commerce service providers and SMEs to work together, collaborative development, effectively reducing the operating costs of small and medium-sized production, improve efficiency, effectively opening up emerging markets at home and abroad, can really turn the "crises" as a "machine . "