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Hardware market operation and development opportunities where the future of fortune

Along with the pressure of market competition intensifies in depth, the majority of enterprises in the production of hardware, and its industrial chain's profit margins at various stages in the compression, the decline in price space. After the price hike, hardware production costs, must depend on their own digestion, it is difficult to pass downstream, hardware companies are squeezing profit margins further. Industry chain development of the vicious circle leading to the many hardware companies realize that the long-term development in order to do a good job market, it is necessary to re-select a new battlefield. At the same time, price competition alone can not establish a core competitiveness, rather than the direction of the long-term development in an effort to explore new development paths.At the same time strengthen its own technical innovation and product quality. The establishment of a new main line operators in order to ensure that the sustainable development of enterprises. We are all very clear, China's hardware manufacturing industry is already the world's metal industry manufacturing base, the share accounted for the production of hardware manufacturers around the world for more than half of China's hardware manufacturing in the rapidly expanding stage, the market conditions for the National Hardware Market laid the foundation for the development, but on a specific hardware market or a region in terms of hardware development, and the author from the recent actions of individual enterprises, triggered the following thought:
    Development in remote cities Hardware channels
Event One: A few days ago, Cedel tools Xinjiang sailing flagship store, like a heavy bomb dropped into Xinjiang Hardware Tools calm in the water sector, setting off a wave of far-reaching waves. Its start, the traditional mode of operation has dealt a blow for the industry to bring a new business philosophy and values, and the company has been in the times of transversion stand.
   Event Two: November 2, from the Urumqi Economic and Technological Development Zone is located in the "Hardware, Zhejiang Industrial Park," understand that the Industrial Park, Park opened less than two months, this place has been assigned to 40 small and medium enterprises in Zhejiang membership.
   Event Analysis: We all know in Xinjiang as China's energy-rich region, where oil, natural gas, coal and nonferrous metal resources, a very rich, has been included in important national resource strategy to take over the district. Some remote and isolated places because of the state is rich in resources "stand out" and became the focus of investors dusk object. When investors begin to take action, it will surely stimulate downstream products Hardware industry, this is the one. At the same time as a result of the geographical location of the Xinjiang region of China to connect Central Asia, South Asia, West Asia and Europe, an important channel. Therefore, in future exports will save the majority of transportation costs. For professional hardware to do foreign trade enterprises, 1:10 This is a cause for concern. At the same time, this is also business reasons for choosing to settle in Xinjiang bis.
First-line cities are being developed, the second and third line cities in the market gap
    The next five years or ten years, the construction of the professional market will be first-line cities to the second and third line of urban development, from the eastern and coastal economically developed areas to the central and western extension of underdeveloped regions; a second-generation market share than the major potential for development is also large, transform and upgrade will speed up the pace; newly built three generations of the market, even though the proportion of small, but because of large-scale, regional impact, the original pattern of the impact of market power, in order to re-establish themselves as the center of a regional market more difficult, therefore, part of which have not achieved the desired objectives and results, is going through an adjustment period and nurturing.
    At the same time, a considerable portion of the city, as sales to markets, not only the number of the high side, the grade is not high, and more integrated, there is no formation of professional identity and dislocation, its result, competition has intensified, development constraints, re-shuffle inevitable; for one of the few production-based, national-based professional and international markets, we are very good, which is the domestic market into the global market, the most active, the most viable cells, these professional market is not only big market space, and with the local industry had a very good combination of support for local government is much larger than other types of professional markets.

   Metals industry in addition to its industrial cluster outside the region, in the development of other regions, we can see that the current first-line development of the city still is a sign of maturity, regardless of which on behalf of the market will have the appropriate scale of operation. But relatively speaking, two, three-lane urban development are lacking. In the next three to five years, with the urban planning in depth, I believe will lead II, the three-tier cities, the development of hardware channels. For the development of enterprise agents, may wish to Cedel learning tools,to establish their own storefront. Might be a good road to fortune.