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Hardware companies face financial crisis should do?
The financial crisis in 2008 is still a continuation of the 2009 will be more apparent, the hardware business in 2009 should do?

    (A) part of the employment problem to solve

   Difficulties in finding employment in 2008, even the highly educated employment difficult, let alone the unemployed migrant workers, the Yangjiang municipal labor and social security bureau of the footwear, hardware, bags, etc. 10 enterprise survey shows that a total of 10 enterprises staff of 4363 people, in September 2008 to December, there were 982 off-the-job. On-the-job employees are ready to return home before the Spring Festival 736, there are 552 people that will continue to come back to work postganglionic. There are seven companies that 1 month after the Chinese New Year needs to add staff, is expected that the new招用人员373. Municipal Labor and Social Security Bureau is responsible for analysis that the current flow of migrant workers Yangjiang home employment numbers, after the Spring Festival return to the number of migrant workers to find employment in the overall situation remained stable. Hardware companies are working with high-density type enterprises, provide some jobs. For employment to solve certain problems.

    (B) hardware companies develop new markets

    The most important appliance in the home appliance market, the activities of the countryside, the hardware companies should also develop new markets, in the second and third line cities and even rural markets. Second and third line to enter the market is a good thing, but the second and third line cities, the market is not perfect, the size of the cities, roads and areas such as population movements are not very perfect, the hardware of a city building industry by only one person does not work, there is no external funds, personnel integration and complementary aspects of the development is not up. In addition, the hardware of SMEs in the second and third line cities, there are many aspects of operating experience to explore, and then sum up the experience step by step, making enterprises in the second and third the development of the market was gradually improved. In the second and third line cities need to open up the market gradually improve the economic strength and development.

    (C) hardware enterprises should strengthen their own brand building

    Hardware companies should establish their own brands to enhance the brand value and change the industrial structure, so as to change the way we in the industry chain position, and gradually by the client-based economy led to economic restructuring.

    (D) hardware business enterprises to build e-commerce platform

    Downturn in the global economy today, there may be several tens of millions of foreign trade enterprises of e-commerce to open another door. Through e-commerce sales, although sales may not achieve the same level as in previous years, but its volume of business the number is still there. At the same time, save a lot of e-commerce intermediate links, as long as the enterprise's products competitive, the profit will not be too low. Enterprise if we do not go through e-commerce sales, but sales through traditional channels, he's at greater risk, lower margin.